Sunday, August 20, 2023

FREED TO FLY!!! ...then, not so Free...

By God's grace, all the roadblocks were cleared and I was given the clearance to leave Nairobi, Kenya for the reposition flight to Libreville, Gabon!

Here are the four legs of the flight. After consulting with the AIM AIR team, we carefully choose a safe routing, with stops where we could have AvGas for refueling and overnight stays.

The AIM AIR team, which was so critical in this journey, sent me off with a time of prayer.

First leg: Nairobi to Arua, Uganda

Beautiful views of mountains as I departed Kenya.

Our Cessna 207 performed very well on this leg and I arrived in Arua, Uganda four hours and 1 minute after departure. The AIM AIR team greeted me there and rolled out the drums of AvGas to top off my tanks.

As I was securing the aircraft, my AIM AIR host informed me that there was a problem... apparently, the flight permit number that I had used to gain entry into Uganda's airspace was the same one used by a different mission aircraft the previous day. I was told I couldn't leave Uganda until this was sorted out... Needless to say, I was not too happy, but... I know it will all happen in God's good timing.

To Be Continued....

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