Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Waiting Game (Nairobi Part Deux)

With our aircraft, N207BH, having passed the AIRWORTHINESS inspection (a VERY important detail for an flying machine!), we're eager to get on our way to operations back in Gabon, but there are roadblocks... 

ROADBLOCK #1: Clearing Customs

While Kenyan authorities figure our our Customs bill, we took the
advantage of the visit of an Avionics Pro, Joe, who had the time to
install some avionics that we planned to do sometime in the future.
So, it was necessary to pull apart the instrument panel. 

Also, while we waited on Customs, Erica, one of the Kenyan
technicians with AIM AIR, helped to repair an issue with
our co-pilot door.  

The avionics upgrade swaps out some items and makes
other items unnecessary. In the picture are some of the 
items we pulled out... the airplane lost 9 pounds!

ROADBLOCK #2Flight Permits

Our Avionics PRO, Joe, went to GREAT lengths to 
get install our new technology (Garmin G5's)!!!
So, before we can fly the airplane, we have to get 
permits for local flights to test the airplane, then permits 
for the flight to Gabon.

Another AIM AIR all-star is Nate R.  
He's been giving great input. Here, he's checking 
the installation of a remote magnetometer (yes, 
it's right next to the Flux Capacitor). Nate has 
been a great encouragement and helped install 
some challenging rivets.

The panel was reconstructed with the new, fancy, Garmin
gadgets, and it was coming to life thanks to JOE!
While this was happening, other AIM AIR friends were working 
with civil aviation to work out our flight permits.

After the installation, Joe did calibration and testing
to make sure all was in order.

Then it was time to crank up the aircraft, taxi it to the airport's 
"compass rose" where we verified the accuracy of our compass
and the new avionics. It was the first time I've operated this 
aircraft, so I was ECSTATIC!!!
And did I mention....

ROADBLOCK #3: Local Issues...

(photo credit : Reuters)
Yep... local demonstrations have closed down the
city and impacted our progress. I've stayed in my 
apartment on at least 2 workdays, so far. Please pray
for peace here!

Please consider partnering with us in this important work to SHOW and TELL about God's Love. If you would like to specifically assist with one of the above needs, please let me know with an email to "Gabon.Pilot@gmail" and follow the giving instructions below. Merci Beaucoup!




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