Monday, August 21, 2023

Detained in Uganda!

 ...continued from last post...

At the end of the 1st of 4 flight legs to reposition our Cessna 207 aircraft from Nairobi, Kenya to Libreville, Gabon, we found ourselves DETAINED at the Arua, Uganda airport. It turns out that the flight permit number that I was issued on my arrival was the identical one that another mission aircraft had used. I was not permitted to leave until the situation resolved.

Thankfully, the waiting area had a TV with the women's world cup matches and I had some snacks remaining from Kenya. I was told that people were working on a solution, but it was a Friday and I wasn't holding my breath.

One fun thing was that HUNDREDS of elementary kids were getting tours of the airport and taking pictures with the airplanes... one of them ours!

After waiting all day and hearing different versions of who was to blame for the situation, a call came at 3pm that I was RELEASED! However... it was too late to depart, so I called the hotel transport... isn't it cute!

By the way... if you find yourself in Arua, Uganda, I highly recommend spending the night at the Mission Cafe! Great people and a really sweet coffee shop!

Breakfast was outstanding!!!
After a great night rest and fueling my own tanks with the delicious food, it was now time to launch the SECOND LEG of the reposition flight towards GABON!!!

To be continued...

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