Tuesday, October 12, 2021

New Airplane Update- Visiting Mechanic

As you may know, we're retiring the Cessna 207 that's been with us for many years, here in Gabon- N207FD.  As we say "au revoir" to that aircraft (we'll share more on its journey soon), we say hello to N207BH- another Cessna 207, slightly "younger" in terms of hours in service.  It is in Nairobi getting outfitted and some new decals.

Terry, Dan's colleague at JAARS, dropped everything
to make sure the tail number was ready to go.

We are so thankful for the help of volunteer Dan Snow, from our friends at JAARS, in Waxhaw, NC.  As I write this, he is traveling from the US to Kenya for two weeks of work.  

Dan, working on the tail logo.

Thank you for your support of this work to keep critical transportation services operating, serving the church, in Gabon.

Dan at Charlotte Int'l Airport, starting off to Africa!

   Standby for more pictures from Dan and updates on the work.


  1. You betcha! Less hours are more hours! go, Go, GO!

    1. THanks for the encouragement Keith! Once this aircraft is airborne, it's time for you guys to come for a visit! We can share some weird, tasty food like we did in Graham!