Sunday, August 15, 2021

PK27 Airport Construction Update

The Aviation Task Force met to "Prayer Walk" the future runway at PK-27

Here in Gabon, the national church and its partners have been working many years to develop a 60+ acre parcel of land on the outskirts of the capital city of Libreville, known as "P-K-27".  

EMI- Engineering Ministry Int'l has visited the site multiple times and prepared the plans

Many that read our updates are familiar with periodic work that we do to assist in the airstrip planned there, among the many school buildings, medical clinic, job training, and other ministries that will be based there.  It takes quite a while for us to put together the week or two-week long thrusts of activity since we are using largely volunteer church workers.
The Aviation Task Force are a highly talented group of Gabonese believers- all with other full-time positions such as administrators, accountants, program managers, and students.

The 2800 foot-long runway is clear of large trees. Next step- leveling & compacting.

The Task Force gathered on Saturday morning to pray, sing, and encourage one another in our work of expressing God's love and care in the world, together.

 VIDEO- As you watch the video below, you'll see the new airport construction. The runway is outlined, in the following photo, in yellow, so that you know what to look for in the video.

VIDEO: Fly-by of the PK-27 Property last year 
when the airstrip was more freshly bulldozed.

Below is another flyover, this one coming from the other direction:

About 8 months ago, someone started to contact the land title department of the government to try and steal this property from the church.  The church has appealed with the help of our attorney who tells us that the church has all their paperwork in order and all the laws support our case to have this attempt to take the property refuted.  Please pray- the next step in the appeal will be in one month. 

Join us in the adventure!  We are looking for more prayer support, financial support, and visitors to team up with our local teams.  Email for more info.

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