Saturday, October 23, 2021

WINGS OFF! Airplane Update

 File this under "Best Practices"...

This is our Cessna 207, in the foreground, with both wings off!  "Best Practices" in aircraft maintenance means checking out critical attach points from time to time- like an airplane uber-physical!

An NDT (non-destructive testing) specialist came to check out the integrity of the struts and...

... the wing root attach points.  The test showed that all is well! YES! Our volunteer teammate, Dan Snow (left), is the one responsible for all this excellent work.

Dan is leaving no stone unturned!!!  Dan highlighted some of this birds history...
"this airplane has been serving mission work in Botswana and Zambia since 1984 (it's a 1982 model)- 37 years and 13,700 hours flight time! It is now being prepared for Gabon, Central Africa."

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