Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Fourth!!! Update for the Week

Our trip to Houston went great and we’re finally done with the over 50 presentations we’ve had during our home assignment.  

Megan returned from her short term mission trip to Macedonia with the other 5 women from our home church (York Alliance Church).  They had great stories about connections with the 3 national churches and international workers based there.

Sam and Joe wrapped up their York area (PA) outreach with our home church.  The event went well, although they had to change some block parties to inside the gym due to weather.

Alace has started her online classes with Liberty Univ. towards her degree in counseling.  It will be a long journey as we’ll only be able to sign up for courses as funds allow.  Classes on the web take some getting used to, and Alace is struggling a bit to get going, but has plenty of reading to do.

Aviation Médicale de Bongolo (AMB):

FUEL!  The wire transfer of funds to the seller of the unexpected 40 drums of fuel that showed up on our doorstep in Gabon has gone through!  We are so grateful for the provision of the finances to make this great deal happen.  As we said before, it was too good to pass up!  Now we are making plans for the in-country transport of the drums to the hangar at Bongolo airport.  This gives us a fuel stock lasting into the second half of 2016.

PROPELLER!  A second wonderful provision to report is the full sponsorship of our “Adopt-A-Prop” fund-raiser.  Now, we’ll be able to get a new prop on the next container bound to Gabon (Sept.) and have it installed and spinning away by Thanksgiving.  The new prop will be more efficient and give us all-around better performance.  The existing prop will be disassembled and make its way back to the US, piece by piece, to be reconditioned and ready for future use.

FLIGHTS:  Rob, our chief pilot, has been flying more days than not, lately.  Many visitors and patients have been coming and going to Bongolo.  Thanks to your support and prayers, the tool of aviation is maximizing Kingdom impact of a team passionate about demonstrating the love and compassion of our God and making disciples of Jesus.  Please pray for good weather and endurance for Rob and the team.

STRIKE:  In the news I read that some national doctors are on strike and only caring for critical patients.  I haven’t heard from our team how this is effecting Bongolo but, in the past, strikes like this have sent an overwhelming amount of patients to Bongolo, pushing the staff and resources there to the limit.  Please pray for a resolution soon.  
This update is a bit longer since some of you are getting it for the first time and for the fact that much is happening!  Future ones will be shorter.

Thank you for your prayers!

Steve and Alace

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