Thursday, July 2, 2015

Prayer for the week

Another C&MA pastor, Skye Jethani, shares a prayer per week, as an attachment to his daily devotions. I'm really finding them helpful.  Below is this weeks prayer.  For more info on Skye's "With God" devotions, click here.

from Johann Habermann (1516 - 1590)
Almighty and merciful God, 
you are the strength of the weak, the refreshment of the weary, the comfort of the sad, the help of the tempted, the life of the dying, the God of patience and of all consolation;
you know full well the inner weakness of our nature, how we tremble and quiver before pain, and cannot bear the cross without your divine help and support.
Help me, then, O eternal and pitying God, help me to possess the soul of patience, to maintain unshaken hope in you, to keep the childlike trust which feels a Father’s heart hidden beneath the cross;
so shall I be strengthened with power according to your glorious might, in all patience and long-suffering;
I shall be enabled to endure pain and temptation, and, in the very depth of my suffering, to praise you with a joyful heart.

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