Friday, July 10, 2015

10 July Update

Here’s an update:

With all of our speaking engagements and associated travel over, we’re enjoying being “home” a bit more!

The countdown to our return to Africa has started- just 3 weeks to go! So, we’re putting together the final version of our “to-do” list and starting to knock them off. This week has included updating our typhoid and yellow fever shots- ouch! Then, to add insult to injury, the clinic called 2 days later to say that they’re worried our yellow fever shot had expired and we’d need to come back! The good news- they’re gonna reimburse us for the first shots and not charge us for the new ones!

The most difficult part of returning to central Africa is not being with our two oldest children, Joe and Megan, for about 10 months or so. We’re doing all we can to make sure they have what they need prior to leaving. Please pray for a significant item that has come up- Megan’s financial aid package got cut in half and we’re dialoguing with her school to figure out why. She loves Nyack College and is doing well- we want her to return, so we are hoping for a solution.

We’re looking forward to time with Steve’s family this weekend at his niece’s wedding in D.C.

Alace got done with her first week of class and did great on her first assignments!

Thank you for your prayers for the flights in Gabon. After a few weeks of constant flying, this week has slowed down a bit, giving Rob, our chief pilot, time to breathe!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Steve and Alace

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