Thursday, May 28, 2015

Married to a College Student

Alace has been accepted to Liberty University online studies toward finishing her college degree in counseling!!!

If you know Alace, you know her heart for people to be well cared for and thriving as they live and work wherever they are planted.  More specifically, she has first hand knowledge of how challenging it is for individuals and families to follow their God-sized dream and maintain health in an international, cross-cultural context.

Alace has a vision to serve others and coach them to grow where they are planted.  Workshops, consultations, sharing a cup of tea, a Skype chat, or whatever.  She wants to be a resource to enhance the lives of international workers.

This is a big step of faith for us in that we don't have a budget line item for the entire financial need this represents.  However, she signed up for her first two classes and the funds were provided!!!  Step by step, we'll move toward accomplishing her degree with perseverance.

I'm so blessed that I get to walk this journey with Alace.  When we were married, we signed a blank contract with our Heavenly Father to have a life-time adventure that points people towards Him and that we'd be quick to share any resources that we were given to steward.  We call that "blessed to be a blessing" living.  Alace has done that with so many of you that read these words and she does it with me on a daily basis.  I can't wait for the day when she gets her degree and can be further poised to demonstrate God's love to a broken world in greater ways.

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