Thursday, May 28, 2015

Giving Wings to the Word

For the next several days, AMB service will be facilitating a vital link between linguists working to collaborate on bringing the written word of God to remote language groups.

Here is the schedule:
A picture from yesterdays flight to Bongolo from Libreville.
Efi on the left and Rob at the controls of the AMB Cessna.

TODAY-  Cameroon Team Leader, Efi, speaks to Gabon national leaders in Bongolo

Friday-  Efi & Pastor Jean-Marc (Gabon leader of translation efforts) fly to Franceville to meet Pauline (British int'l worker organizing local translation teams).

Saturday-  Efi, Pauline & Pasteur JeanMarc use ground transport to travel to the remote village of Leconi to meet leaders from one of Pauline's teams.

Sunday-  After worship, the group returns to Franceville by car; then Bongolo by airplane
Pauline- translator in Eastern Gabon

Monday-  Efi & Pastor J-M (& possibly Pastor-President) fly to Libreville for a visit "Alliance Biblique" (Bible resource facility) & Assembly of God church leaders.

Tuesday- Meet with all church leaders in the afternoon.

Wednesday-  Efi flies back to Cameroon. 

For those of you who pray, please support this work in prayer for safe travels and strategic collaborations.  These efforts dramatically enrich the communities they serve through literacy and language development that actually change the way that people feel about their people group.  They are better able to sense that perhaps there really is a loving God that cares deeply about them, no matter how remote they live and how obscure their language is.

Here are a couple of resources of interest:

How do international workers representing the Gospel impact the world?  CT magazine released an interesting article regarding some research pointing toward the positive results behind efforts that, sometimes, get a bad rap.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Also, below, I'll plug the Wycliffe Bible translators video regarding the critical nature of their work.  I've posted it before, but it is great to give another look at it:

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