Saturday, May 30, 2015

Time, and Steve, are FLYING!

It was great to reconnect with my friend, Michael, today.  He's a fellow pilot and, like me, has a
"heart" connection to a special African country- Gabon.  It's where he is from and where some of his family still live.

Michael currently lives in the US and is working in the New York City area.  He is a member of the Paramus Flying Club and made me a VERY happy man today by coming over to PA and taking me for a spin in the club's Cessna 182 powered by a diesel engine.

With only a couple months left in our time in the US prior to redeployment to Africa, it was high time I made it back in the air.
Joe came along for the ride and DJ duties!  The intercom had
bluetooth capabilities.

We met at "Capital City Airport" (CXY)- where I used to be based
when flying a Cessna 182 patrolling oil pipelines.

After a thorough preflight and passenger briefing, Michael deftly
headed us out to the runway for a southerly departure.

We headed South for a flyover of the York area. Next to the church, between
two pine trees, you'll see our current home, next to I-83.

Airborne "selfie" at 2,500 feet!

A wider shot from above "Leader Heights" interchange of I-83, looking North.
(from Michael's iPhone)

It's great to have connections with people that cross continents.  I enjoy chats with Michael discussing how the tool of aviation can be used to inspire people- especially in Gabon!

A shot from Michael's trip home- high above the clouds.

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