Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Blues...

My children (Joe-17; Megan-16; Sam-14 next week) absolutely love their school.  For Alace and I, it's a love-hate relationship.  We love it because it is, without a question, one of the best high schools on the continent of Africa and because the environment is one that nurtures their walk with the Lord.  We've really seen them grow at Rain Forest International School.  However, we do hate it in that, it is not located in Libreville, but rather in Yaounde- a two hour airplane ride away.   For weeks at a time, we are empty nesters... way too soon for Alace and I.

 Here are some pics from back to school this year: 

Dinner at UBAC house!  12 students live there.

Here's Megan with her roommate, Krista.

A day before classes, the boys headed up on campus to set up some soccer.  Joe is on the left with his friend Jon.

Megan also headed up to campus to walk around and catch up with a friend, Rachael, whose family was on furlough in the states last year.

Sam also got in on the soccer action.  He'll be 14 in a week!!!  (25 Aug)
All in all, we are so thrilled that the kids have such a great place to attend.  With skype, facebook messaging, cell phones, and frequent visits, we stay connected.  It's never how we thought our kids' teenage years would look like, but our Heavenly Father knew this.  He is taking care of us!

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