Friday, August 17, 2012

03 August Flights- To & From Bongolo!

They all loved Bongolo so much they're back!  Here are repeat teammates- Dennis and MaryAnn S. and Annalise O. behind me.  Since they are staying a bit longer than most, I removed the 3rd row of seats and piled their luggage up high.

Still dry season in Gabon, so low clouds are always a part of the flights.  On this flight, we cruised down to Bongolo at 7000 feet and on the way back, it was 8500 feet.  The "dry season" overcast hangs out around 2000 to 3000 feet.

Arrival at Bongolo airstrip.

After a some calculations we're ready to drop off the passengers coming to Bongolo and load up the new load.

My co-pilot for the ride back to Bongolo- Amanda M.  She's a new teammate at Bongolo helping with the nursing school.

The other passengers were (R to L) Ching-See (med-student), Joan M. (Doc), and Dr. Tchoba's mother-in-law and daughter.

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