Friday, May 21, 2010

Moments in the States

At Grandma and Grandpa's in State College, PA

Some yard work with Grandpa Straw

In Coalport, PA with family and friends.
Everywhere we go, there's always good food!

Some York Alliance (PA) girls and adult leaders meet for an early-morning breakfast

Time with good friends (Dave and Stacey) at some favorite restaurants-
in this case "Chili's"!

Every now and then, we make the Church sign board!
Here, we're at Paintersville C&MA (PA)
Note- I'm holding an African basket given to us by our Gabonese team mate- Celine.

Hanging out with more friends... and eating more food! Here I am with Pastor Alan after speaking at his church (Community Alliance Church, Harrisburg, PA).

If you're lucky, you may find me in my "Rhino" shirt!
Here we are in Armonk, NY at Hillside Church.

We're making new friends along the way.
To the right is Cathy T. She handled much of our promo material for this visit to the states. Thanks Cat!

Touching base with our team.
Here I am with Brock B.- director of Air Calvary.

Here's Megan, Sam, and Joe surrounding Brock's son, Brody as he considers his stack of chicken nuggets!

Time with Family! Here's Megan and Alace sitting in the "4-D" movie theater at the Baltimore Aquarium with Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Skeet!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear Supporters, Just a reminder of the three speaking engagements this weekend:

SATURDAY BRUNCH: Hillside Church,
Armonk, NY 10:30am, refreshments & sharing

Community Alliance Church, Harrisburg, PA 9am coffee, pastries, & sharing 10am Worship gathering

SUNDAY EVENING: Paintersville C&MA Church, Paintersville, PA 5:30pm Dinner 7pm Ministry Presentation

If you need directions, simply click on the name of the church above. Our entire family is able to be at each of these events- we look forward to seeing you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bongolo Hospital Nurse Graduation

The director of a very successful jungle hospital once told me that his hospital would have failed many years ago had it not been for a school that trained nurses. The Bongolo Hospital is no different. Here are the 8 graduates for the most recent class that celebrated their success this past week.


Record-setting, windy weather couldn't stop the men of York Alliance in gathering for some great Thai food, a cut-throat croquet match, "Madvice" (man advice), and some ice hockey spectating.

Gary and Robert. Robert said he had a good time... at least, that's what he said.

Marty's stories were keeping us all on the edge of our seats.
Marty, Left... Kevin, right.

"Madvice" between Bob and Pedro.

Dave and A.J. catching the Penguin game.

More "madvice"... Kurt and Rob.

More of the same with Jacob & Scott (aka. "The Nuzzler").


Ice hockey spectators on the edge of their seats.

A.J. and Allen.

Davey-Dave and Ryan.

Marty... where "gentle" meets "man".

Scott... the bromance organizer.

Ken (the bromance host) telling us the one central secret of life... you'll have to ask him about it. It was either that or something about a recent visit to the proctologist.

Good times... good times...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kid's Crafts at Mountain View

On Sunday, April 25th, we were privileged to visit with one of our most supportive churches, Mountain View Alliance Church in Jersey Shore, PA. After our presentation during the worship service, we quickly made our way to the gymnasium to spend time with the children and try out our sweet "craft".

Using some sweets, a rubber band and a small label, the children became aeronautic engineers by creating their very own airplane!

It took a bit of explanation and the assistance of other adults.

SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR!!! A new pilot is born!

Together, this young pilot and I constructed a larger model with 4 tires and a whole pack of gum for our airfoil.

Afterward, the entire congregation enjoyed a great potluck meal. Mountain View is just one of many very supportive churches- praying for us and financially standing with us in our efforts in Gabon. We are so grateful!

Time with York Friends

Alace with Nina & Kim

Steve (right) with York Alliance Church lead pastor, Brian Kannel. The green blur is his son, Ethan (he gets the blur from his mother... notice below).

(R to L):Brooke, baby Providence, Megan, Nina, and Alace after the service at York Alliance (notice Gabon flag in the background)

Jeff & Brooke at their lovely home in York.

(L to R): Brian, Amanda (notice blur), Re, Jim, and Steve at "Victor's" restaurant where friend, Dave P., was jamming with his band.

Presentation in State College, PA

Here are some pictures from our April 27th brunch gathering with the "PrimeTimers" of the State College C&MA church.

Here's my (Steve's) mom! Notice her necklace- it was a souvenir that I brought back to her from a short term youth group mission trip that I made with the youth group from this very church (State College C&MA - youth pastor Bob Warren) in '86 to Haiti! She still has it... incredible.

Many that attended that day were family friends of many, many years. Here's my old Sunday School teacher, Mr. Aaronson- the coolest Sunday school teacher of all time who used to show up in clogs to teach us young whipper-snappers.

Sam was having a good time playing outside that beautiful day. He took a break to come in and meet some folks.

Here's Alace with her favorite mother-in-law.

Joe lent a hand in the set-up and then ran the power point and dvd for the presentation.

Ice Skating in York

Thanks to Joe and his use of social networking (Facebook) many friends of our kids were invited to come to the public skating session on our first Saturday in York, PA.
Here's Megan (on the far left) hanging with some friends.

Joe with some friends.

Sam with his good buddy Isaiah about to enjoy some skittles. Our family has yet to find a vending machine in Gabon...

Friends Maddy and Michael.

Joe (right) with buddy Nathan.

Joe with some of his bestest buddies ever- Allen and Isaiah.

Brother's gotta hug. A.J. and uncle J.J.
Yep... A.J. & J.J.