Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kid's Crafts at Mountain View

On Sunday, April 25th, we were privileged to visit with one of our most supportive churches, Mountain View Alliance Church in Jersey Shore, PA. After our presentation during the worship service, we quickly made our way to the gymnasium to spend time with the children and try out our sweet "craft".

Using some sweets, a rubber band and a small label, the children became aeronautic engineers by creating their very own airplane!

It took a bit of explanation and the assistance of other adults.

SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR!!! A new pilot is born!

Together, this young pilot and I constructed a larger model with 4 tires and a whole pack of gum for our airfoil.

Afterward, the entire congregation enjoyed a great potluck meal. Mountain View is just one of many very supportive churches- praying for us and financially standing with us in our efforts in Gabon. We are so grateful!


  1. Awesome pictures of kids and their craft work. Rubber bands are used to bind two items together.The children have developed the model with 4 tires and small labels. Rubber bands are known for its elasticity power (stretchability).