Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ice Skating in York

Thanks to Joe and his use of social networking (Facebook) many friends of our kids were invited to come to the public skating session on our first Saturday in York, PA.
Here's Megan (on the far left) hanging with some friends.

Joe with some friends.

Sam with his good buddy Isaiah about to enjoy some skittles. Our family has yet to find a vending machine in Gabon...

Friends Maddy and Michael.

Joe (right) with buddy Nathan.

Joe with some of his bestest buddies ever- Allen and Isaiah.

Brother's gotta hug. A.J. and uncle J.J.
Yep... A.J. & J.J.

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  1. Looks like Little Josh (a.k.a. Joe) is sporting the "skinny" jeans.... nice....