Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's up with us this week

We have taken a week to drive down from the city of Libreville (where Alace runs the guest house) to the Bongolo Hospital. I will be doing some work at the hospital's airstrip to prepare it better for flights. we pray that those flight begin soon! Pray that the machinery works well and that I am able to find an "airstrip caretaker" to hire.

Also, our 14 year old, Joey, will be doing some translating for doctors in the eye clinic! There was a long line of people there this morning. Pray for Joe to translate well.

Megan (12) and Sam (10) are taking part in a VBS program for the expat children of the station. There are 7 kids in all.

A colleague of ours has inspected an aircraft for us in OK this past Thursday. We are continuing the search for just the right aircraft for us. Please pray for wisdom. The airstrip at the hospital will be regraded and packed by the end of July, so we need an airplane soon!

Thanks for your prayers!

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