Friday, July 3, 2009

Cool Stuff A-Happenin'!!!

Here's some great news...

1) HOPE HOUSE orphanage has been donated a piece of property to build a new house on. A woman in a local church heard of the need and responded!

2) AIRCRAFT SELECTION: Our team reviewed an evaluation of an aircraft (Cessna 207) being refurbished and we are now putting together an offer to purchase! WOW! I think this may be the one! Also, we received word that a supporter would like to purchase a new engine for us- about a $40,000 investment! SWEET!

3) AT BONGOLO HOSPITAL: We are having a great week in the jungle. Kids doing a VBS program, Joey doing translation work in the eye clinic, house sitting at the Kelly's house, swimming, cleaning up the airstrip hangar, and more!


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