Saturday, November 16, 2019

Refueling- A Journey
It took no less than 5 trips to airport offices, submission of about a dozen vehicle and personal ID documents, and a phone call of “encouragement” from an influential friend- all over the period of a week- and we were finally able to get our aircraft refueled this morning!
No Complaints, though!!!  (KEEP READING BELOW!)
Our long-time friend, Gustave, gave a helping hand.
Since this fuel had been sitting for some time, albeit in a sealed container, we did some double-filtering to verify its quality.
Looks like AvGas...
Smells like AvGas...
It IS AvGas!
I was pleased to find that the fuel is great quality!  We tipped off the tanks to get ready for our first flights next week.
(I found an old glass cookie jar we left at the guest house)

Although it took a long process to get the aircraft refueled, the pathway to success was paved with wonderful new friends!  Each person that I was able to interact was lovely and, in most cases, they heard the story of our aviation program, about all of you who make it possible, and then these folks became new advocates for its success!  How cool!

Thanks for your support!

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