Sunday, November 17, 2019

Flight Permits In Hand!
Maxi, a worker at civil aviation AND the son of one of our Bongolo Hospital pediatric nurses, Perine, was the one who handed the flight permits to me at the office of civil aviation, in the capital city of Libreville- how cool?!?  

oh... did I mention???  HE WAS BORN AT BONGOLO HOSPITAL!!!  

...and a few years back, I had an aviation booth at the local high school, next to Bongolo Hospital, during their career day... and he's pretty sure he was there for that!!!  ...does anyone know a Hollywood producer?!?  There's a lot of joy in this work- we are always interested to know what the interactions of the day will bring about.

So, on top of all those fun facts...  We now have permission to fly to any corner of the country for the the next calendar year!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for assisting us to build momentum in this project, as we start another season of service.  The next month has additional hurdles to overcome, and we continue to need your teamwork of prayers and support financially.  Thank you for considering this critical effort.

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