Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Runway Open!

In October, Alace and I had the privilege of participating on a consult trip to the remote portion of northern Guatemala, known as the Petén.  There, our MAG (Missionary Air Group) colleague, Paul, expresses God's love and compassion through the tool of medical care and aviation.

On the trip, we surveyed the property for the new runway called "Central Park", where the MAG base will be created.  How great to get the news that the surface was finally ready and that Paul made his first landing there.

Paul, left, at the Central Park airport with local ministry leaders.

A new partnership his is developing is with the Kekchi Bible Institute, where the Central Park airport is located.  At KBI, Kekchi people are also learning about how to express God's love to their people (aka.Q'eqchi')- nearly 850,000 of them that live in remote villages around Guatemala.  They learn the Bible as well as very practical skills in farming, livestock, business, and health skills.  

KBI not only sends out these graduates, the leaders will also travel with the students to do reach out to their villages during their time.  Here is one story of such a trip where the MAG airplane was used, in the words of our pilot, Paul:

We flew to a town of primarily Kekchi indigenous people to recruit students
for the Kekchi Bible Institute (KBI).

We were able to cut out a bunch of travel time. Turning 10 hours of drive time
(if the ferry crossing goes well) into 1 hour 20 minutes of flying.
Jimmy and a few of his students, who will graduate in December,
were invited to speak at a gathering of Kekchi pastors.

 They were incredibly welcoming and Jimmy met with two students who will start at KBI soon.
Two of my passengers have never flown before and had no chance of doing so.
One of them said it felt like he was dreaming!

 Thank you for your support that makes this work to reach remote people groups possible!  Please consider joining as one of our sustaining partners in this work.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

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