Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blast from the Past! Thomspon Visit

At the Bongolo Hangar 2005.
Dr. David and Becki Thompson have been pivotal characters in our ministry journey.  In 2005, we were forwarded an email message from Dr. Thompson, appealing for a aircraft pilot/mechanic to come and finally help a remote mission hospital.

Our family responded to the need and here we are over a decade later, not only serving the work in Gabon, but lending a hand in mission aviation bases in 2 other countries and consulting with others.

With all our coming and goings between both families, the times that the Thompson's and the Straw's get to be with one another has become quite rare!  So, to run into them in North Carolina recently, was a sweet treat, and better yet when we found out that their daughter, and our dear friend, Rachel was coming along as well.

Over a decade later!  The Thompson's at the MAG hangar in North Carolina.
We gave the Thompson's a tour or the new facility where Steve serves
as the Chief Pilot serving 7 pilots and 3 country programs, and Alace
provides member care guidance to the entire MAG organization.

Dave was kind enough to sign some copies of his latest book.
Dave and Becki don't slow down!  Between many meetings in the
US and conferences where they share their stories and inspire the
next generation of career medical missionaries, the still have
their full-time medical work in north Africa.  They spent three
decades in central Africa speaking a village language and French-
now they are learning Arabic in their 60's!  What an inspiration.  
The MAG hangar is located in Burlington, North Carolina.  If you would like to come by for a visit, just drop us a line at  We'd love to have you by to show you what the Lord is doing with this growing organization!

MAG is currently looking for additional teammates to assist at the office in Burlington, the base in Honduras, Guatemala, and Gabon.  Do you or someone you know sense that this is work that you might be interested in?  Contact me for more information.

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