Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sam- Our Grad!!!

Our third kiddo has done it!  We're so proud of Sam!  2016 graduate of Rain Forest International School, Yaounde, Cameroon.

Here's Sam at the front entrance of the RFIS campus, Yaounde, Cameroon.

Our handsome young man!

The evening of his graduation held at the Catholic University in Yaounde.

The alumni soccer match, the day after graduation, with brother Joe (far left), and 3 or the 7 children from our friends, the Carlson's.

Sam's graduating class- all 13 of them.  The morning of graduation at the Senior Breakfast with their families.

Sam with his buddy, Nathan.  Sam and Nathan will be moving into an apartment together in San Diego (USA) and starting their college classes at a local community college.  Neither has an idea of what they would like to focus on in their studies, so this will be a good time to take some cheaper classes, have a job (Nathan's family has a company there), and ease into life in the US of A.

Please pray for these guys!  Keep in touch with Sam at his email:  epicthesam@gmail.com

We especially thank the ladies at State College Alliance Church (PA) who have sponsored Sam throughout his years in Africa with birthday wishes, Christmas gifts, and lots and lots of encouragement and prayers.  This has really blessed Sam... and his parents!

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