Monday, June 13, 2016

MAG Special Assignments

In my last blog, I detailed the work that lies ahead for me to get "back in the saddle" and ready for flight operations.  While I'm working at this task, our new aviation team, Missionary Air Group (MAG), has asked that Alace and I pitch in.  Here is an overview of what those roles will be at this small, but rapidly growing, organization:

Chief Pilot:
I've been asked to give oversight to all MAG flight operations- Gabon, Guatemala, Honduras, and the US!  This means policy setting, writing operations manuals, pilot flight checks, and lots of traveling.  At this time, MAG has at least one aircraft in each of the countries listed, and plans for more.  Wherever they have an aircraft, you'll typically find at least two pilots and their families.

The SIL Cameroon Aviation Team!
Team Care:
As you know, Alace is studying for her degree in counseling (Liberty Univ. online) and is now officially a Junior!  I like to tell people I'm married to a college Junior.  Anyways... MAG has asked Alace to put her people skills to work, serving their teams at each of their bases.  This will range from personal, one-on-one time, as well as workshops and team building for every age.  Steve will pitch in as needed- this is an area that we are really looking forward to develop.

Flight Training:
MAG has been asked to develop a mission pilot apprenticeship program- the first of its kind!  This is in response to a CRITICAL NEED of the industry- a shortage of missionary pilot/mechanics trained and ready to go to the field.  Many of the young people that catch the vision of serving in this field go for their training, but our saddles with working off a load of debt that comes along with it.  MAG's model will be a DEBT-FREE training, where private funds carry the trainees through to the end and then right on to the field.  This is an exciting program!  The first candidates arrive at MAG near the end of 2016.  MAG would like me to assist in a portion of this training when the candidates move through to the advanced stages.

This is an exciting chapter for Alace and I.  We see that the Lord has directed our journey to include experiences that lend themselves to these roles.  Additionally, these very roles are the ones that our maturing work in Gabon desperately need, or it will be soon struggling to continue.  Up to now, our Gabon work has not had a recruiting and training piece.  Without additional personnel ready to take up the work, all the years of preparation and launching of AMB will not be able to continue.

We look forward to continuing on this journey with all of you.  Your support, in prayers and finances, are still critical for us to continue.  We would also love to hear from you regarding your current chapter of life and what we can do to share in the adventures.  Please reach out to us at or

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  1. Miss seeing you guys, would love to connect while you are here. We are at same place, please call! Julie