Friday, March 25, 2016

Update From the Flight Deck- March

It's important for any organization to have a solid foundation and grounding.  However, we're feeling a bit TOO grounded of late...

Our Cessna 207 is hanging out at our partner base in Yaounde, Cameroon- SIL.
Our chief pilot, Rob, was conducting a 100 hour inspection.

However, the circuit breaker for the "DG" (HSI) kept popping every time we would turn on the avionics power.
So, Rob gutted most of our avionics bay and began to troubleshoot but, after a lot of work with no solutions, we started thinking about options.  We've replaced this gyro instrument twice in the past and we'd love to end that cycle- it's getting expensive.  Plan B looks like this...

This is the Sandel SG102- it removes the need for a spinning gyro (the part that keeps malfunctioning), making it much more durable and reliable in the high-vibration environment of a Cessna aircraft.  So, we ordered it and waited for delivery.

The Sandel unit came relatively quickly as luggage with our good friend, Pastor Serge Batouboko, the Director of Bongolo Hospital in Gabon!  He was traveling to Cameroon for meetings and stopped by the SIL hangar.  It's always great to hang out with Serge- he's a huge blessing and supporter of AMB Gabon!

Now, the unit is installed and the tedious task of lining up all the wires in the pins and connectors is happening with the help of Franklin W., the new SIL rotor-wing pilot and mechanic.

It's a lot more work than was let on from the description, but Rob is determined!  Please pray that we're able to finish up quickly and get N207FD back in service in Gabon.

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