Friday, March 25, 2016

Alliance Conference - Thailand

Since about week 2 or 3 of my life, I've been attending Alliance churches in the US.  Alace and I had the great privilege of serving on staff at 3 different Alliance churches (most recently, York Alliance- our sending church) while on that side of the ocean.  Then, in 2007, when we moved internationally, the "marketplace ministries" branch of the Alliance approved our assignment.  It's a great family to be part of and we love to gather with our colleagues.

We weren't certain about the timing of the forum (early February)- we had some other travel coming up, but marketplace ministries leaders urged us to come, so... how could we say no?!?  You didn't have to push us too hard to pack a bag and hang out in Thailand for a week!

Stop over in Bangkok... 6.4 million people is just a bit bigger than the 1.8 million
of Yaounde or the 800,000 of Libreville that we're used to!

The Sunday prior to the conference, we worshipped at ECB-
Evangelical Church of Bangkok, where our good friend David K. pastors.
We had just learned, two weeks prior, that he was joining our
conference as the main speaker!

Over 150 gathered to share their reports and get great teaching and
practical assistance from workshops.  Oh yeah... there was some
time for a bit of rest and relaxation!

Asia was very well represented!  Everyone placed a marker
to indicate where they were working.

Here are our sweet friends, Asun and Jon Neff.  They've been loving, caring, and
coaching us during our time with mm.  They live in western Europe.

We attended the first mm forum, in Spain, with this couple (Stephen &
Anna) and all our children, back in 2011.  They've also been
working in central Africa, blessing others through the tool of health care.

Seating in the public transportation is sometimes at a premium, so hanging off the back
is your only choice, as Alace demonstrates!

Night Market at Cha Am.

The opportunity to be encouraged and refreshed with other Alliance
colleagues was so good for us.  We're blessed to be part of a
great movement.
Thanks for sharing this journey with us!
We can only continue with your teamwork.

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