Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cameroon Helicopter- Re-registration

Lot's happening at the SIL (JAARS) hangar,  here in Cameroon (bigger update later).  One item was a "re-naming" of the Robinson 44 helicopter that is in town- normally based on its own, in the town of Banso.

The registration had started with an "N"(US registration) and is now becoming a Cameroonian registration- "TJ-HSL".  "TJ" is the Cameroon country code; "H" is for helicopter; the last two were the choice of the organization.  Since they are "SIL", they went with "SL".  I like to think of it as "TJ-HUSTLE".

I took the opportunity to make a very amateur video, thanks to the "slideshow" function of iPhoto along with some experimentation with the "time-lapse" function on the old iPhone.  Enjoy!

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