Thursday, December 18, 2014

Heart Language

Can you imagine not having the Bible in English to assist your pilgrimage?
Some languages don't yet have an alphabet or anyone working on developing
one yet.
God's Word in a person's heart language opens their eyes to who God is, what His character is like, and how much He loves them. When people get the opportunity to hear the Scriptures in a language they understand best, life takes on new meaning and purpose as the Bible convicts and encourages them.

JeanMarc passing out Mp3 scripture files for playback on cell phones.
1000 Mp3's and DVD's of the Jesus Film have already been distributed
in Gabon, thanks to the SIL (Wycliffe) organization in Cameroon.
Allow me to introduce you to Pastor JeanMarc Mouele (pictured).  JeanMarc is the national director for scripture translation efforts for the C&MA Gabon (Christian & Missionary Alliance).  He lives near the Bongolo Hospital, where our aviation program is based in Gabon, and is passionate about getting God's Word put into the heart language of the people of the region.

The translation work is one of the projects that AMB (our aviation
This young guy is listening to the New Testament in
the local language of Nzebi.
project) is supporting.  Recently, Rob, our chief pilot, facilitated a proposal and the international workers based at Bongolo pledged over $2500 toward JeanMarc's work.  

Is there a need?  Recently, people from 5 people groups in Gabon have approached Pastor JeanMarc wanting the Jesus film to be available in their language.  Some of these languages don't have a translation of scriptures yet, so that will be the first step.  Please pray for these efforts.

Here is a short video from Wycliffe that highlights the critical need of additional translations, like the ones in Gabon.  

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