Friday, December 12, 2014

Family Items for Prayer

Thanksgiving- Sam & Megan's first snow in 7 years!
We are so grateful for many of you that are praying friends. Talking to our heavenly Father on each other's behalf is one of the most important things we can do as Christ-followers.

Here are some items that we'd ask you to reflect upon as you pray for our family:

Prayer for Megan (Nyack College), Joe (Moody), and Sam (high school) as they finish their semesters with tests, projects, and papers.

Pray for Joe and Meg and their travel plans getting back home (York, PA)

Praise that Sam made the honor roll in the first semester back in the US at a high school about 18 times the size of his small MK school in Africa

Praise for no complications and a full recovery from gallbladder surgery for Steve.

Steve speaking to the Fall Mission Rally in State College, PA
Pray for relief from intense heel pain (right foot) that Steve is experiencing after trying to restart his jogging routine.  Pray for an economical solution in finding a lower impact exercise (like biking) to replace this activity, especially through the cold, winter months.

Praise the Lord for the churches that responded to host us on a speaking tour the first half of 2015.  We still have some churches to try and fit in the calendar. CLICK HERE to see the tour schedule.

Pray that many would respond to support the ministry the Lord is calling us to in prayer and financially.  We have a significant needs at this time.  CLICK HERE to read more how to become a supporter.

Pray for the pilot recurrency training, starting in February, that Steve will do in North Carolina with JAARS.  It will total about 4 weeks and will be spread out through the Spring.  
Our kids at a reunion of their African MK high school 
(Rain Forest, Cameroon)

Praise the Lord for a gift of $1000 toward the upcoming flight training.  A little over $3000 remains to cover all expenses.

Praise the Lord for new teammates that are working toward joining our Gabon Team, serving at the Bongolo Hospital.

Pray for a young couple- the husband, who recently underwent a technical evaluation at JAARS for his skills as a pilot and mechanic.  Many of his skills were affirmed, but he does need some follow up work to be qualified to join our team.  Please pray that they have discernment for upcoming decisions.

Praise the Lord that He is blessing the ministry of Bongolo Hospital- over 1000 per month in 2014 have made decisions to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior! 

Pray for the local churches in Gabon to do the important work of disciple-making for all those that return to their villages after hearing the Good News at Bongolo.

Praise the Lord that Alace was able to attend a writers conference at the end of October in Chicago and get to visit with Joe.  Pray for her as she works to develop her writing gift to the next level, for God’s glory.  CLICK HERE to read some of Alace's wonderful writing.

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