Saturday, October 19, 2013

Modern Day Slavery

Max Fisher, of the Washington Post recently published a very helpful graphic depicting where modern day slavery is happening on the planet.  You'll notice that Gabon, where we've been living these past 5 years, is shaded as one of the countries where it is happening more than others, per capita.

This is not a new problem.  Gabon, being one of the wealthier countries on the continent, attracts many Africans who, unwittingly, step into slavery.  Thinking that they are leaving their poor villages in west Africa to find a better quality of life, they launch out, many on substandard boats, to Gabon.  Many are children, sent from their poor parents who have been cajoled into believing that a relative or friend awaits in Gabon to welcome them, care for them, enroll them in a good school, and have a better life.

The government has taken steps to fight the human trafficking but, as you can imagine, their is an evil system in place to push back.  Pray for these efforts to be effective and these systems to crumble.

Local media also shines a light on the issue:  Gabon News link  Gabon News link2  

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