Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nursing School Spiritual Retreat

One of my favorite things about our work with the Bongolo
Alace (right) with friend Wendy, at Bongolo in 2011.
Hospital is that they believe in equipping others to join in the work!  I think it's a great part of any international effort- empower local people.  

One way they do that at Bongolo is through a nursing school- a 3 year program that graduates some of the most sought after nurses in the central African region!  Recently, the students took time for a spiritual retreat.  Here are some details from one of the nursing school teachers, Carolyn:

Bongolo nursing students at retreat.

"Time is whizzing by since our Bongolo Hospital nursing students started their second year of classes. All of them were back from vacations and at clinical work for the last week in August. Then August 29 through Sunday noon September 1 we had a three day Spiritual Retreat using guest housing to lodge the 16 nursing students so it was really a weekend getaway. 
Pastor Khone speaks to nursing school students.

Pastor Konde and his wife came to Bongolo from the Theological Education Center in Libreville so that Pastor could give the weekend's messages. These messages were very deep teachings from God’s Word and all students and we professors appreciated this time in the Word. The retreat was a wonderful way to start the new school year. Thanks for praying."

International workers are equipping indigenous peoples all over the world, assisting them to join in creative ways to express God's love to others- community development, medical care, engineering, communication, agriculture, social work, music, faith community development, and more.  Bongolo Hospital has also
Dr. Wendy with her resident in training during eye surgery.
made training locals part of its' ethos and does it daily from nurses to facility maintenance, from ophthalmology to administration, and more.

Faith-based aviation efforts around the world have also made great efforts to pass along technical knowledge and know-how over the years- even launching an airline in Ethiopia!  This year, as we add a pilot/mechanic and I have time to focus on program management of the work, I'm taking a closer look at how we can move toward adding an equipping component.  I covet your prayers.  Who knows?  A flight school in Gabon to equip men and women to be a light to the world as pilots and mechanics?!?

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