Thursday, June 6, 2013

Libreville Rotary Visit

A very kind businessman who lives in the capital city of Libreville is from the village where the Bongolo Hospital is located.  This man, Benjamin, invited us to make a presentation at the Rotary club that he is a part of.

Benjamin to the left.

The president of this branch of the Rotary club is a very lively man who is the general director of an insurance company.  He asked that we meet the next day!  I was given time to present our program and answer some questions.  Then, I presented a soapstone carving and t-shirt to the club.

The Rotary club leadership responded by presenting our program with their banner- a Gabonese OKOUME tree- found in much of the worlds plywood.  Rob (middle) was able to join for the meeting, having freshly arrived in country.  It was a great evening of networking and getting the word out to business men and women.

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