Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gabon Visit by Air Calvary President

This spring, we were so happy to get our first visit from Air Calvary President, Brock Barrett!  Air Calvary is the organization that has sponsored the aviation aspects of our work in Africa (www.aircalvary.com).

Sunday morning service at our largest church- AVEA II.  Brock was introduced to the church and took the opportunity to say "merci beaucoup" for their support over the past half decade.

Shirt Swap!  One of our biggest supporters, Pastor Jean Marc Ynguemba, met with Brock over a meal with many friends at our home.  Jean Marc and his team do primary health care in a clinic in Libreville as well as "en brousse" (in the bush) with mobile clinics and they refer many patients to Bongolo via our aviation service.

Here are some of the 2000 or so that gather for worship at AVEA II every Sunday.

Brock was also introduced to some VIP's!  In the middle is a woman that was evacuated on our airplane from the village where she was involved in a bad vehicle accident to Bongolo.  To her left is the president of the C&MA churches of Gabon, Pastor Victor, and next to him, the vice-president, Pastor Samuel.

Then it was "over the river and through the woods" (more like "rivers" and "jungle") on a flight from Libreville to...

...the Bongolo Hospital, in Lebamba.

On our flight, we had the pleasure of giving a ride to Cheryl and Jan (to the left of the photo), a delightful couple coming for a short term visit to serve at Bongolo from the UK.  Dr. Keir Thelander is standing behind Brock (baseball cap) and giving us all a tour of the hospital grounds.

It was a busy 8 days, but we packed a lot into Brock's visit and ended with a bit of a "debrief" at the beach to praise God for all that has been accomplished over the past 5 years and do a bit of dreaming about the years ahead.  Stay tuned!

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