Wednesday, June 5, 2013

English Class Graduation!

Alace has been teaching intro-level English to a group of our friends.  Recently, we hosted a graduation party at our home.

Teaching the class has been one of Alace's high-points for the recent months.  The class is eager to learn and full of life!  They were thrilled to hear her announce he plans to teach the next level of this course when we return from our time in Cameroon and the US.

Last October, the President of Gabon, his excellency, President Ali BONGO ONDIMBA, announced that English will be the new, national language of Gabon so now there is a growing interest in affordable English learning programs.

With a growing needs, we are starting to think that we could really use additional teammates to join us in 2015when we return to Gabon.

What do you say?  Has your journey equipped you for a step in this direction?  The Gabonese men and women that we work with are looking for language education to help them overcome the barriers that keep them from better effectiveness in their work.

Additionally, did you know that pilots flying internationally must pass an English proficiency examination?  So, training in the English language will be key to our aviation education projects also.

Drop us an email to let us know what is on your mind about future possibilities for your journey to include time in Gabon!

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