Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Teammates!!!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Rob and Bintou Peterson- our new teammates!

Bintou and Rob Peterson (middle) along with Bintou's brother D'aquin.
Rob has been in aviation since birth- literally!  His father worked with JAARS in Indonesia.  He is on loan to our program for the next couple of years.  He and Bintou have been married about 6 months!  Bintou is a doctor from Cameroon (where they met), and will join the staff at Bongolo.

Rob's experience in mission aviation, especially running remote bases, is already blessing us!  More on this in future posts.  For now, Rob and Bintou are busy moving into their new home at the Bongolo mission and, today, we've got him at work, joining me to run a booth at the Bongolo High School career day!

Welcome to the team Rob and Bintou!!!

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