Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break- Pitstop at Bongolo

On the way to and from Panga, it's always a good idea to stop off at Bongolo for some good times with our team there.  That's exactly what we did, and here are some photos (see all the photos HERE):

100% Jungle at Bongolo!  Lovely!

Esther H. welcomed us with her great smiles!

The accommodations were very nice.

The resident apple pie guru was there to do her magic!

Our new friends from Holland were kind enough to share living space with us in the "foyer" house.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear from you again! I was just praying for your family the other day & wonedering how you all were doing. So, good timing of the letter! Also wondering how often you get to see your kiddos; glad they were home for spring break!
    Thanks for your sacrifice (& your kids')! it isn't in vain!
    The Lord continue to bless you! ~Susan Roller, Lancaster AW