Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canada and TransAtlantic Flight Complete!!!

Weaver did our last ferry flight as well.  They're the pro's!!!
On the 29th, John, our pilot from Weaver Aero, continued the journey with our Cessna 207.  He made the 4 hour trip from Bangor, Maine (US) to St. Johns, Newfoundland (Canada) landing on runway 2-9 with a crosswind that was gusting up to 40 knots... in the dark!  The tower controller turned the runway lights up to full intensity to assist him in getting lined up and making the approach.

After getting a rest, he spent some time evaluating a questionable looking weather system in his path, over the Atlantic Ocean.  When the time was right, he launched out on the journey at about 9pm, EST.  A colleague of his was passing by on the same route in a Cessna Caravan, so he took the occasion to fly the route just behind him.

Here is how the flight looked for those following on Flight Aware:

Apparently, Flight Aware is able to track private aviation flights outside North America!  I thought they only tracked commercial aviation in those parts of the world.  Either way, we have another tool to use- SPOT satellite tracker.  Here is what that looks like:

Here is the link to SPOT tracking:  CLICK HERE

There is no altitude or speed information, but it is good for remote parts of the world.

John will be departing around 4:30am EST tomorrow, January 01, 2012, for his trip to the Grand Canary Islands.  GO JOHN GO!!!


  1. I'm praying for a safe trip!

  2. All of at team Miles is praying for a safe arrival in Gabon.

  3. Hi Steve,
    In my life I've considered much of what has transpired to be what an Author friend of mine calls, "A True to Life Adventure". You and your family are indeed upon A True to Life Adventure and best of all, it is in The Lord God Him Self's hands!
    We all follow your trail across time in prayer for all of this.
    Karl Aronson