Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plan A... Plan B... Plan C... and beyond

Quick Update:

I think we may be on "Plan C" at this point.  The schedule has changed a few times...

HF Radio installation that was approved by the FAA at the last minute is the current project that we are focused on.  Early this past week, we were surprised to find that additional parts needed to be ordered.  Long story short, the aircraft interior was sufficiently pulled apart to keep us from doing some of the final items that remain on our list during the time we wait on parts, so... we have a new TENTATIVE schedule:

Monday, 31 October
> HF parts arrive
> HF radio install wraps up

Tuesday, 01 November
> Electro-Magnetic Interference test
> Compass Swing
> Fuel injection system adjustments
> New Propeller Governer testing and adjustments
> Local flights to start evaluation of all work (as well as any needed tweaks)

Wednesday, 02 November
> Wrap up local flights
> 1st Cross-Country to York, PA

Thursday, 03 November
> 2nd Cross-Country to State College, PA

Friday, 04 November
> 3rd Cross-Country back to MMS Aviation for any additional tweaks
> 4th Cross-Country to Indiana

Saturday, 05 November
> 5th Cross-Country to Kansas
> Steve returns to York area commercially

I'll keep you all posted!!!  Pray for good weather and smooth work at MMS.

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