Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures from the Equator

Meanwhile, back in the jungles of central Africa....

Luke and Fitia- good buddy's in the jungle!

Azar braiding Sarah's hair.

Sarah and baby Esther.

Zach and Jen- both surgeon's joining the Bongolo team in May after language school in Switzerland.


Rainy season has arrived!

More rain.

Sunset over the hills behind Bongolo.

This tree fell just millimeters from one of the homes on the station!  Thankfully, no one was hurt.

5 snakes have been killed around the station in 5 days!  Thankfully, no one has been bit.

Luke and Dan working on the bamboo fort.

This visitor, Suzanne, helped with beautification around the Bongolo mission.  Last Friday, Suzanne and a Bongolo teammate, Joanna, planted 24 plumeria trees, 40 hibiscus plants, and 30 fuschia bushes!

A special thanks to Joanna for the pictures and notes.  She reports that no snow has been spotted at Bongolo, but they are keeping their eyes open!

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