Saturday, June 25, 2011

Supporters Visit Aircraft at MMS Aviation!

Here are some of our biggest supporters at the MMS Aviation facility.  They are part of a prayer group that meets twice a month for prayers for missions at the Bedford Alliance Church (Temperance, Michigan).  Their leader, Eunice W. says about their group, "It has been thrilling to share answers to prayers as we receive missionary letters.  It's truly a joy to be part of this worldwide work."  

We know that there are hundreds more praying for the thorough and speedy restoration of our Cessna 207.  We are so blessed to have an active and engaged group of supporters that stand with us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Here is what Dale, or lead mechanic (center in the photo above), says about this week's work:  "The front and back floor skins are going in at the moment, and the horizontal is coming apart and the STC is going on (leading edge reinforcement).  By the end of next week I hope to start on the spar carry through.  I should also have the right wing painted by the end of next week too." 

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