Thursday, June 23, 2011

Airplane Repairs Update

Here's the latest update from our lead technician, Dale, at MMS Aviation in Ohio:
"Hi Steve. Well, we are at the 4 month anniversary since we started work on 207FD, and I have included a photo of the aircraft on its wheels for the first time since early last year.  I feel that we are probably at the halfway point of the work, and then we will have to do an Annual inspection and tidy up all the loose ends.  
The Horizontal leading edge kit arrived yesterday, and I also received the Field approval for the wheels.  the right wing is in the paint booth along with the right aileron, right flap, right strut and forward cargo door.  The floor skins will start going in today, and once those are in, we will start on the aft spar carry through.  I am expecting that to be quite a big job."

1 comment:

  1. halfway done!!!

    I am so excited. Maybe it will be done when I get back!