Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Stone Unturned- N207FD

Here's an update the Dale, from MMS Aviation, just sent me:

Just a quick update for the week. This week was spent doing a lot of fitting of the main landing gear box assembly. We discovoured a bent outboard bulkhead which also had some cracked holes, so we had to repair that as there are none available unless we wait for 3 months for Cessna. That went in and on late Wednesday we put the main landing gear box assembly in for good, and started the process of installing all the 100's of bolts and rivets. I assembled the main gear springs and axles after they were painted, and we assembled the wheels, tires and tubes. I do hope to get the aircraft back on the ground today, but I am probably not going to reach that goal, so it will be Monday for sure.
Have a blessed weekend, Dale

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