Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Party- African Style!

Hosting an event in Africa? Tell people it starts an hour and a half before the actual start time! This photo was taken around 8:30pm... two hours after we had originally had hoped to start. HA!

Late start or not, a great time was had by all! Joe and Sam love wrestling with Pasteur Jacob.

Here's Alace and Megan with some of our good friends from the OSPAC (primary health) city clinic.

After a delicious meal that blended American and Gabonese foods, we all gathered around for scripture readings, devotional thoughts, and the lighting of the Advent candles. Anyone know the word for "Advent" in French??? No one at the party knew either!

It was a meaningful time. We are so blessed by our friends who've worked along side of us and supported us through a very difficult year. The evening's focus was on Jesus. "Immanuel"- God with us. ...He certainly is.

CLICK HERE to see more photos.

CLICK HERE to see a video of the song that the group sang at the end of the gathering.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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