Thursday, December 23, 2010

$510 = Priceless

Christmas is great. All our family is together again. We're having a mess of people over tonight to have a ton of food and light the Advent candles. We'll read scripture, pray, and celebrate the greatest gift of all time. The gift of God, himself, with skin on. Jesus' birth.

For our family, and many others, it's a time to send out a Christmas update and card to friends and family. We do the same, but ours comes with a twist- we ask each person to consider the crazy things that we're doing, here in Africa, and partner with us through prayer and funding. We continue to be amazed that, so far, all our needs have been met. There have been a couple of times where we took a "pay cut" due to a
season of lower giving, but we've not had to bite our nails too much.

Recently, we've seen our funds dip low again. I've shared emails with our programs' director and we've talked about the "what if's" of the situation. It's not fun to consider those things some times, but it is necessary.

From time to time we get an email about cool events from people who support us. I just got one and felt I needed to pass it along. Here you go:

Dear Straw Family,

We are so excited to read your updates. God is doing amazing things through you!!!
We sent $510... Crazy story we wanted to share...

All year we save our change in a jar knowing that at the end of the year the money will go to you. This year we took this little jar (which had $70 last year when it was full) into the bank to cash in the our surprise $239. As I walked out of the bank, I kept thinking of the loaves and fish and how God multiplied
them. I know that is what he did with that change. How could a little jar hold $239??? God that's how.

My husband also saves his scrap metal all year knowing he will send the money to you. He took it in to the scrap yard today...and $271. More than ever before!! As I you read this letter I hope you feel Gods AMAZING love and provision for you!!! Although it is not a lot...I know that it has been multiplied just for you...!

We are truly blessed this Christmas season! Our family wishes each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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