Friday, November 26, 2010

Project Runway?

Sam and I had time, on our way back from Cameroon, to do some more work with our "Project Runway"

Driving into town, you notice that it's a nice-sized population center. They really need to make sure that their runway is in good shape and kept certified from year to year.

However, the runway is not currently certified and is in need of a little cleanup. It needs runway end markers and painted white tires lining each side at every 50 meters. As Sam and I were nearing the end of the 4600 feet runway, we noticed...

The first building off to the East side of the approach end of runway 35, was an Alliance Chretienne (C&MA) church! We checked around for the pastor or someone, but they were out. So, we'll have a nice waiting area for passengers and staging for medical clinics!

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