Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful Feet- update #3

The following is a third update from Dr. T from the hospital:

"All three of the men who were tortured by fire on September 15 in the village of "B" 32 kms from our village by drugged spirit worshipers have been discharged from the hospital and returned home. Their feet are still painful and not fully healed, despite more than six weeks of treatment and hospitalization. The men had no money to cover their medical costs or to even feed themselves, so the hospital provided everything for them as a service of love. Each underwent multiple surgeries and skin grafts, and two men lost toes. Pastor "M's" burns were the most severe.

The regional authorities have still made no arrests, despite the church's deposition of medical statements from those who treated the men, photographs, and a formal complaint."

This past week, Dr. T and I had a discussion about this disturbing event. I told him about finding a website where you can schedule a village ritual, like this. It appears to be run by westerners. They promote two benefits: getting in touch with the spiritual world and helping you to overcome addictions to drugs, drinking, or smoking.

Dr. T verified that European doctors have tested this natural, tree-root drug, and it has been found to have, in some instances, a positive medicinal effect in assisting people with addictions. Of course, this is in a controlled environment with a precise amount of the drug. However, the situation here, from what I've found in my very limited investigation, is anything but controlled and the drug is taken in massive quantities in a shake-like drink inducing hallucinations that a witch doctor interprets for you- in this instance, leading to violence.

So, what happens when we take God's creation and then pervert and twist it? I'd say it turns into something that ends in pain, suffering, sadness, and all-around bad results. No surprise.

I'm quite sure that if the photos that you see here, along with the story, were made known to those considering a village ritual, they'd opt for another excursion.

Please keep the three men that were burned in your prayers as they return to their village and an uncertain future.

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