Saturday, June 9, 2007

Have You Dug Your Grave?

Some dead Russian guy painted/drew this picture.

If we, as Jesus-followers, are, ourselves, dead and alive only in Christ, I'm wondering if we've dug our graves yet?

I like the scene in Band of Brothers where Sgt. Spears tells another soldier, Lt. Blithe, that the reason he cowers in a foxhole in the heat of the battle is that he thinks that he's still alive... that he has any chance of getting out of the war alive. In other words, if he'd start functioning with the thought that he's already a dead man with nothing to lose, he'd start having some success. Hmm.

So, if we'd just get our fears out of the way by "digging our grave" and burrying ourself (only through the grace of God), we'd start taking some chances for the Lord. We'd start "living life outside of the boat".

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