Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ben and I

You're not going to believe this!

I was sitting at my desk with the TV on a sports station behind me. I noticed that, in the next segment, the DC area sports station was going to have a segment with Ben Olsen and the viewers should email their questions into the station. So.... you can guess the rest.

In the next segment, they got to the end of the interview with Big, Bad, Ben and they said, "well Ben, we asked our viewers to post their questions and we have time for one. It's from STEVE from your home state of PA. He'd like to know, 'what's getting the most play on your IPOD?'"

YESSSS!!!! I (indirectly) asked Ben Olsen what he's listening to on his IPOD!!! Can you believe it?

Oh yeah.... Ben's been listening to Cold War Kids.. I had just been checking them out that day as well.

I'm serious... me and Ben have a connection. It's eerie.

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