Monday, January 6, 2014

Prayers to Start 2014

As always, our family asks that you join us in the important work of prayer.  Please pray for…

… Hope House, home for at-risk children in Libreville, Gabon needs $6000 to finish construction of an addition to their home to help an urgent housing crisis for the children.  (Read more)
… Safe transport for the students of our dorm house as they return to school (Rain Forest Int'l School).
… Refreshment for our family as the new semester starts.
… The aviation partnership (with JAARS) development that includes a rewrite of our program operating manual (tedious work for Steve)
… Speedy annual inspection for the hospital airplane and another great year of service in 2014
… Plans for furlough in the US for next school year that include refreshing and refocusing

Thanking the Lord for…

… Megan has been accepted at Nyack College!
… 2013 was another solid year of aviation service for the Bongolo Hospital- nearly 200 hours of safe flight
… We're (Alace and I) mostly over a season of health issues (coughs, stomach virus, etc.), and happy to be exercising again.
… Our time in Cameroon has brought more "fun" back to the routine and time to reflect- just in time after a long season of "heavy lifting" getting the program up and running in Gabon.
… Steve is still able to keep involved in mission aviation through developing partnership
… Our fill-in pilot Rob who keeps airplane operating so well and is blessing Bongolo Hospital with some I.T. help

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